Clarion Awards

about_clarion_pageHighly sought after by both women and men, the Clarions—named for the medieval trumpet known for its clarity—symbolize excellence in clear, concise communications. Clarion recipients represent media companies large and small, leading corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit associations and institutions.

Started in 1972, the Clarions honor excellence in more than 100 categories across all communications disciplines, including advertising & marketing, audiovisual productions, books & CDs, brochures, custom & special publications, education, fund development, magazines, major news events, newsletters, newspapers, online media, photography, graphics & design communications, public relations, radio, and television.

Registration for Clarion Awards Competition

Entering the Clarion Awards is a great way to gain recognition as one of today’s top communications professionals. The competition is open to everyone: Women and men, individuals and organizations, AWC members and nonmembers, students and international professionals are all invited to submit their work.  Past winners include: companies, non-profits, small businesses, consultancies and media companies of all sizes.

Award opportunities lie in more than 100 categories covering many aspects of advertising, education, fundraising, graphic design, internal communications, magazines, marketing, feature writing, online journalism, public relations, radio, television and special events.  Peer judges review the work based on budget size, so all entries are considered fairly.

To qualify, more than half of any entry must have been published, broadcast, or implemented between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31.  For further details and online registration, please visit the Clarion website.

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