Board Position Descriptions


Shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and the Board of Directors and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.

  • Works with out-going president to plan “changing of the guard” board transition and training meeting to be scheduled in July or August.
  • Shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and the Board of Directors.
  • Serves as an official liaison between the chapter and the national office.
  • Ensures that all board members understand their duties and responsibilities.
  • Work with the President-Elect and Immediate Past President to ensure continuity and smooth chapter operations.
  • Serve on Headliner Awards and Media Workshop for Non-Profits Committees.
  • Shall work closely with PR/Membership/Social Media to coordinate specific programs.


Shall perform the duties of the President in her absence. The President-Elect shall perform the duties assigned by the President and the Board of Directors and will be preparing for the presidency by serving in an ex-officio capacity on all committees.

  • Be present at most, if not all, meetings and events.
  • Consult with the President to gain increased knowledge of chapter activities and to provide assistance when needed.
  • Serves on at least two committees – one being Chair of the Headliner Awards Committee.
  • Works with President and Immediate Past President to ensure continuity and smooth chapter operations.
  • Secures all appropriate chairwomen to submit annual report and submissions for the annual Chapter Awards due to National typically in July.
  • Shall work closely with PR/ Membership/ Social Media to coordinate specific programs.

Immediate Past President

Shall remain on the board for one year after her presidency term has expired and serve in an advisory capacity.

  • Attend board meetings.
  • Serve on at least one active committee – preferably, Headliner Awards Committee.
  • Be available to the President to impart knowledge of the chapter activities and to provide assistance when needed.
  • Work with the President and President-Elect to ensure continuity and smooth chapter operations.


Shall keep a correct record of the proceeding of all meetings of the chapter and the Board of Directors. Will send minutes to President in a timely manner so that the President can disburse for next meeting. Shall transmit those records to her successor and provide a copy for the Archives at UTSA.

  • Take minutes at all Board of Directors meetings.
  • Email the minutes to President prior to the next board meeting.
  • Maintain chapter stationery stock and distribute to the board members and committee chairs when requested.
  • Maintain hard copies or computer disk copies of important chapter documents, forms, etc. to include the bylaws.
  • Assist other board members with their task as needed.
  • Check Mailbox – at least monthly.


Shall keep records of all financial reports, collect fees and dues from applicants, forward required monies to the national office, pay out monies when directed by the chapter or the Board of Directors, and provide necessary information for required reports to the national office. The Treasurer shall supply other officers with the names of chapter members who have paid dues and shall transmit records and chapter monies to her successor.

  • Use software to do chapter bookkeeping.
  • Provide budget to Board of Directors meeting in August for approval.
  • Provide financial report with copies (Profit Loss Budget and Account Balances Report) at monthly board meetings.
  • Provide cash for change and receipts for monthly chapter meetings and other functions if needed.
  • Deposit checks and cash received on a regular basis.
  • Pay bills and invoices in a timely manner.
  • Reimburse board members and committee members for chapter-related expenses when receipts are submitted.

Historian/Bylaws Chair

Shall review the bylaws annually and suggest changes to the board of directors and submit for the chapter’s approval.

  • Know and understand the chapter bylaws.
  • Review bylaws for any necessary changes and additions.
  • Submit changes and additions to the board and to the chapter for a vote of approval.
  • Assist other board members with tasks if asked.
  • Serve on at least two committees, one being related to fund raising efforts – Headliner Awards Committee.

Chair positions have morphed into Chairs being responsible for more than one or two duties for simplicity sake. Responsibilities will be determined by each chair as they see fit to accomplish each task. They will work together to ensure that members, expired members, prospective members and media outlets are receiving pertinent information on Chapter events and business.

Membership Chair – Membership/ Recruitment/ Database Chair

Coordinate all members contact information for US mail labels or email contact. Shall be charged with the responsibility of recruitment and retention of membership.

  • Actively maintain all membership contact information.
  • Obtain names of members who have not renewed membership and delete from contact list.
  • Provide Chapter mailing labels or email notifications as requested.
  • Utilize a committee to help accomplish membership recruitment and retention.
  • Plan and execute a Fall Open House Membership Recruitment Event with President-Elect.
  • Reply promptly to inquiries from potential members by sending letters, email and membership applications.
  • Coordinate the intake of membership applications. Provide names and contact information of all new members the President, President-elect, Webmaster/Social Media Chair, and Database Coordinator.
  • Provide sign-in sheets at events/meetings and follow-up with guests via email, phone etc.
  • Provide guest names and potential members contact information to the Database Coordinator.
  • Follow-up with members who do not renew their memberships through information shared from National.
  • Develop a system to keep the “active” and “dormant” lists current. Send a deletion list of non-active members to the Database Coordinator and Membership Directory Committee for their updates.
  • Promote all on-going retention of members within the chapter making the membership aware of all National membership renewal promotions.

Programs Chair – Public Relations/ Social Media/ Webmaster/ Administrator

Shall coordinate programs for professional membership meetings. Coordinate the public relations and Chapter’s efforts to publicize programs, member news and create a buzz via social media outlets. Shall oversee the maintenance of the San Antonio Chapter website.

  • Oversee a committee and work with the Board to brainstorm ideas for programs during summer planning session.
  • Confirm upcoming programs at each board meeting and promote at the Open House Membership Recruitment Event.
  • Shall plan annual programs and confirm no later than September.
  • Coordinate program introduction at the general meetings with the President.
  • Create a PR timeline coordinating monthly programs.
  • Write and submit all releases to the President for approval before sending to media contacts.
  • Distribute approved releases reporting to the Board who the releases were sent to.
  • Make media contacts to follow-up on coverage.
  • Report to the Board all progress of PR efforts with copies of all coverage.
  • Plan and execute the Member Holiday Party (normally held in December) with President-elect.
  • Update posts on Facebook Fan Page (AWC San Antonio).
  • Update posts on Chapter’s Twitter account (@AWCSA).
  • Work on a Linkedin account for the Chapter.
  • Stay abreast of any changes in social media.
  • Stay in touch with the Officers who need updates made to the website (week of Board Meeting).
  • Coordinate promotion of the website to members and prospective members.
  • Coordinate posting of events and other news to website.
  • Coordinate keeping the website current and linked to the national site.
  • Provide all expenses to Treasurer for maintenance of the website to the board.

Student Affairs/ Scholarship Chair

Shall serve as a link between the student chapters and the San Antonio Professional Chapter.  Shall coordinate applications and the selection of the Ajay Castro Scholarship recipient(s).

  • Provide contact information for student chapters in the SA area, i.e. UTSA, Texas State University, Texas Lutheran, Trinity University, Texas A&M-San Antonio.
  • Assist area universities/colleges to start a student chapter.
  • Attend student chapter meetings when appropriate.
  • Help coordinate career shadow days/mentor program.
  • Assist with setting up speakers for student chapter meetings and events, when necessary.
  • Chair the Ajay Castro Scholarship for Re-Entering Women Committee.
  • Update scholarship application and promotion as required.
  • Promote scholarship to local universities.
  • Work with Scholarship Committee and San Antonio Area Foundation.
  • Provide scholarship information to the PR and Newsletter Committees and Webmaster.
  • Have a report prepared for the board meetings each month.

Job Bank Coordinator

Serve as a liaison between the San Antonio Professional Chapter and the Community for posting local positions relating to our professional members’ fields on our web site.

  • Actively compile available positions relating to the careers of Chapter’s members from area corporations, non-profits and other businesses.
  • Promote the Job Bank posting opportunity with human resource contacts in the San Antonio business markets.
  • Send postings to Members ONLY.
  • Assist other board members with their tasks as needed.

Member-at-Large (2)

Assist other board members with their tasks, projects and events.

  • Must actively serve on at least two committees.
  • Attend chapter functions regularly to gain a good understanding of chapter operations.
  • Must be available to assist with all special event committees of the Chapter as requested by the Board.