AWC Awards & Grants

The AWC Matrix Foundation sponsors several awards to recognize communications excellence in several areas.  The AWC Matrix Foundation awards include:
  • Advancement of Women Award
    This award was established in 2011 to recognize a woman for her efforts to promote the advancement of women in the communications profession, which is the mission of the Matrix Foundation.
  • Edith M. Wortman First Amendment Award
    The Edith Wortman First Amendment Award is bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions in supporting the First Amendment and First Amendment rights.
  • Helen Duhamel Achievement Award
    The Helen Duhamel Achievement Award is designated for media professionals, with special emphasis on broadcast journalists, who have made significant achievements in their profession while overcoming extreme hardships and/or challenges, and who have used their First Amendment rights to give back to society rather than simply report on events.
  • Barbara Ericksen Memorial Fund
    The Barbara Ericksen Memorial Fund was created by the Matrix Foundation to assist in sending AWC student members to the AWC Annual Professional Conference—either through AWC Chapter or Student Chapter efforts, or for Independent AWC student members.


The AWC Matrix Foundation Grant Program (different from a sponsorship) seeks to fund meaningful, educational opportunities, special programs, and research that will benefit the membership of AWC, and help build membership for the long-term.  Successful applications will have the highest value in terms of education or research, will reach the largest AWC audience, and will have a component to measure membership growth as a result of the program or project. The AWC National Board, Chapters and AWC Members are eligible to apply for a grant.

The grant program has specific application requirements and requires measurement and reporting of results to the Foundation.  For more information, visit their website.