8 Reasons to Join AWC

  1. It’s an Incredible Community of Interesting Women
    Really, this is the main thing. There are women who have built their own businesses from scratch, women who work for non-profits, women who work for corporations. Filmmakers, writers, PR experts, graphic designers. This is a community of women who love their work and love to share their experiences, insights, and laughs.

  2. References, Referrals, Network
    If one of the members of this organization runs across a job she hasn’t time for or isn’t qualified for, you can bet she’ll reach out to one of the members of AWCSA. “Do you have time for this?” “Are you interested?” Women in this organization share leads, tips, and referrals generously.

  3. Career Mentorship
    We have events where you can talk about working with your difficult boss, applying for jobs or trying to get ahead in your organization. Then we just have all kinds of informal support, encouragement and advice. You go girl!

  4. Brilliant Programs
    Want to know about tech developments and how to “do it yourself”? Want to learn from those who have been there so you can get to where they are? Our programs won’t disappoint you.

  5. Job Boards
    Got a hot tip on a job or gig? We do. Our members pass on any information they get from their vast networks about organizations looking for people with all kinds of communication skills, right to your inbox every day.

  6.  More Brilliant Programs
    In addition to the monthly luncheons, we have our own “signature” events such as the Media Workshop for Nonprofits, Meet the Pros, Freedom of Information Workshop and Headliner Awards which honor some of the unsung outstanding community leaders each year. These are great opportunities for conversation with someone you might never meet on your own.

  7. You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself
    This is a group of women who speak the same language, operate together in the same or similar industries. You don’t have to catch anybody up, explain what you’re talking about or why that client is frustrating.

  8. Just Fun
    This is a fun group of women who love to get together and talk and laugh. Many of us have met some of our closest friends through AWCSA. And that, alone, is worth the price!

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